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KO Moto Setup Guide

Welcome to the KO Motor & Controller Setup Guide.

By following this guide, you'll be able to effortlessly install, tune, and unleash the full potential of your KO setup, regardless of your prior experience in this field!

Through this comprehensive guide, you will accomplish the following steps:

  1. Installation of your new KO parts
  2. Downloading the KO Tuning Software
  3. Updating the controller firmware
  4. Creating a solid baseline tune for your bike
  5. Exploring additional fine-tuning parameters
  6. Get ready for an exciting journey by grabbing your tools and a refreshing drink. Let's kickstart this process and make it an unforgettable experience!

Always secure your bike on a stand before connecting or changing any tuning settings.

Please download the tuning software to start configuring your KO Moto system. Currently there are two options of tuning software: PC and Android. Both will allow you to configure your tune the way you would like. We’ve found Android devices are easier to connect since no dongle is needed – the app connects directly via Bluetooth. If you are using a PC, you will need to use either the hardwired dongle or Bluetooth wireless connector dongle, both of which are included with your purchase. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure no other devices within 20 feet have Bluetooth enabled as they can interfere with the connection.


KO has just released public beta versions of the existing Android app and the highly anticipated iOS app. We've been testing these apps extensively and helping KO to reach Version 7 ahead of public release. And let us tell you, these apps make setup and tuning a breeze!

This is the fastest way to get your KO-equipped bike up and running, but please remember these apps are in public beta, so you might encounter some bugs. If you run into any issues, send us an email along with screenshots or video captures and we’ll pass it along to KO.

The firmware files for Nano, Pro-Series, and Factory Spec controllers are all the same.

The only difference will be the voltage change.

After updating your firmware, you will need to do an Auto Learn and calibrate your throttle as explained in the Tuning Setup Guide below. Please review the guide to understand what settings should and shouldn’t be changed before jumping in.